Cremation memorials

Memorial keepsakes and cremation urns

Keep loved ones close with our range of cremation memorial keepsakes and cremation urns. Designed to hold all or part of your loved one’s cremated remains, you may wish to have an urn or keepsake to display at home. We have a range of options to choose from:

Decorative urns and keepsakes for the home

Decorative urns to display openly at home or kept in a private place of remembrance. In addition to full size urns, miniature keepsake urns hold a small amount of cremated remains, ideal for several family members and friends wanting to share a lasting memento.

Photo memorial urns

A range of memorial photo frames, designed to hold cremated remains discreetly behind precious photos of loved ones.

Garden collection

A collection of unique memorial orbs and urns, crafted from natural Cumbrian limestone and woodland timber, suitable for both outdoor private locations and gardens.

The Co-op Funeralcare & Caring Lady – Urns & Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes and cremation urns gallery