Cremation services

A crematorium is the building where a cremation takes place. Your local crematorium will normally have a service chapel for the funeral service but you may prefer to hold the service in another place, like a church, and then have a shorter service called a ‘committal’ at the crematorium afterwards.

During the committal, there may be a closing of curtains, or the coffin may move gently from sight. Some people prefer the coffin to be on view until everyone has left.

Cremation costs

The charge for the crematorium will vary depending on where you live. Caring Lady Funeral Directors will be able to let you know what the crematorium fees are in your area.

Possessions and clothing

There are restrictions about what items can be cremated with the person who has died – for example, materials such as some metals, plastics and rubber are not permitted. Any electronically operated implant (e.g. pacemakers etc.) will be removed by the funeral director before the cremation can take place.

If you would particularly like an item to stay with your loved one, please inform us.


You may wish to play music at the cremation service. Many crematoriums will provide an organist or a computer based music system of popular pieces of music.

Find your local crematorium

Aldershot Crematorium
Basingstoke Crematorium
Bournemouth Crematorium
Breakspear, London Crematorium
Chichester Crematorium
Eastbourne Crematorium
Easthampstead Park Crematorium
Hanworth Crematorium
Havant Crematorium (The Oaks)
Haycombe Crematorium
Guildford Crematorium
Kent & Sussex Crematorium
Isle of Wight Crematorium
Mendip Crematorium
Mortlake Crematorium
New Forest Crematorium
Poole Crematorium
Portchester Crematorium
Reading Crematorium
Salisbury Crematorium
Slough Crematorium
South Essex Crematorium
Southampton Crematorium
Surrey & Sussex Crematorium
Test Valley, Brighton
The Downs Crematorium, Brighton
The Parks – Aldershot
West Berkshire Crematorium
Wessex Vale Crematorium
West Wiltshire Crematorium
Woking St Johns Crematorium
Worthing Crematorium
Woodvale Crematorium
Yeovil Crematorium
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Cremated remains

The final resting place of a loved one’s cremated remains is an important and personal decision and we recommend you take time to consider all the options and discuss these with your family. Most crematoriums will retain the cremated remains for a period, giving you time to make your decision.

Burial of cremated remains

You may wish to bury your loved one’s cremated remains and place a memorial at the site to visit and remember.

There is a wide variety of caskets available for the burial of cremated remains ranging from a traditional wooden casket to eco friendly bamboo urns.

Where can cremated remains be buried?

  • Crematorium grounds
  • Cemetery
  • Church yard
  • Natural burial ground
  • Private ground, including your own garden (with the landowner’s permission)
Caring Lady can advise on the local burial options available.

Keeping the cremated remains

Keeping a loved one’s cremated remains at home can be very comforting. We have a selection of decorative urns and keepsakes for you to keep close to at home.

You may wish to divide the cremated remains amongst family members in miniature keepsake urns or place within a piece of jewellery.

Caring Lady Funeral Directors will be able to advise you on the keepsake memorial options available.

Scattering of cremated remains

Cremated remains can be scattered at a special location that was meaningful to your loved one. We can provide you with scatter tubes, and help to look into any restrictions in place at your chosen location. You may be required to obtain the landowner’s permission, so it is important to check in advance.

Where can cremated remains be scattered?

  • Crematorium grounds
  • On a family grave
  • Natural burial ground
  • Woodland
  • At sea
Caring Lady Funeral Directors will be able to advise you on the local scattering locations.