Questions – That Children Might Ask

Why do people die?

It is a natural thing that happens. All living things die eventually; plants, animals and people.

Does dying hurt?

Many old people just quietly drift away. People in accidents often die so quickly they don’t know anything about it. Even when someone is sick for a long time before they die, doctors can give them medicines to take away the pain.

Why can’t we stop people from dying?

Doctors often can. Illnesses that people would have died from years ago can now be cured. Most people who go to hospital come out better. Sometimes when there are a lot of things wrong or parts of the body wear out, despite the efforts of the doctors and nurses, people die.

When someone dies are they being punished?

Death is never a punishment. People die because the most important parts of their body stop working, either because they have simply worn out, as happens with old people, or they have damaged them because of an accident. Most people live a long time but sometimes people die when they are younger because of an accident or bad illness. This does not mean, though, that if you become ill you die.

Why didn’t someone else die instead?

All over the world people die every day. Their time had come; it would not have made any difference if someone else had died – the person you loved would still have died too.

Where do dead people go?

Different people and religions believe different things. For example, Christians believe that the spirit goes up to heaven. The spirit is often called the soul. It is the spark of life that never goes out.

Why did they go and leave me?

Their spirit is still here. I know it does not seem fair but they still love you and would be with you if they could.

How long will I live?

Probably a very long time. If you look around there are lots of old people. We all have to die at some time and as you get older you worry less about it. Most old people are very happy.

Why do we have a funeral?

To give everyone who loved them a chance to come together to share their sadness and to remember all the good things about the person who died.

What happens at the cremation?

When someone dies they do not need their body any more so we may take it to the crematorium where it is turned into ashes. We can scatter the ashes in the gardens at the crematorium or in a churchyard or another favourite place.